What I Can Do

I enjoy building an advance responsive design layout, with work on multiple browsers platforms. With a use of CSS Press-processors, I create large css library, with reusable code for the next projects, for maintainability's. I love creating custom website themes, from scratch. I can also convert static websites into dynamic theme, or into a custom WordPress theme.

Back-End Developer

Proficient knowledge of back-end programming language such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, And JavaScript , Wordpress, Shopify understanding of session management , hosting environment, database administration, User authentication.

Front-End Developer

I enjoy building modern professional quality design & layout hand-craft stynning website with valid, semantic & beautiful HTML5 & CSS3, jQuery, and Bootstrap if needed. Can Make an HTTP requests using JavaScript & jQuery. Combine with ability to customise WordPress, And Shopify themes.

WordPress Theme Developer

One of my passion is to create an Easy To Use CMS: can easly easily updatable website by converting any static HTML, Bootstrap or any website to Wordpress Theme I fully understand how to use Custom Post Types & Advanced Custum Field in WordPress Can easily intergrate WordPress plugin & more.

My Latest Projects

Creating a Strong foundation for a website mean getting the HTML and CSS architecture right. If you have got a design I can create the Front-End code for it. Or you have a static website, I can transform it to a full functional dynamic, website or Wordpress theme.

The Build Process

I work is based on the three pillar of: writing good maintainable and scalable html codes. Making the Website Performance fast & efficiently. with clean HTML structure for naming classes, with easy-to-understand, Growth & Reusable


Gathering Information Planning: Sitemap & wireframe creation Select technology stack: Programming Language, Frameworks, CMS Create page & review, page layouts or change when required


This is where I take the visuals of your website and make them into something real that people can interact with. Use of BEM for marking up the layout. CSS processor SASS 7-1 Pattern, base folder. Compress Code and images, & the use of icon or SVGs. The NPM ecosystem: setting up a development process.

Launching And Maintenance

Cross-browser testing website. Upload the website to server. Final (Regression) testing and launch. Add user report system. Fix bugs as soon as possible. Keep website up-to-date. Final (Regression) testing and launch

About Me

Laurence Malonga
Laurence Malonga

Full Stack Website Developer

I am a Full Stack Developer based in Birmingham, West Midland, UK, I have a serious passion for User Interface effects, animations and creating intuitive, dynamic user experience.

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